June 18, 2015

Reliable Supplier from APCQ Recessed Slim LED Panel Light

Quality Mangement System
Being a leading provider of innovative lighting solutions,APCQ LED Lighting has undertaken to incorporate internationally recognized ISO 9001 Quality management standards into our work processes.
We have been working to successfully complete the stages of analysis,implementation,and evaluation for our LED Lihgying manufacturing operation.

Quality Control
Every product that we launched has been tested by our engineers with the most advanced machines.Sync-skan spectrophotometer,High Accuracy Array Spectoradiometer,PWN type AC power supply,Goniophotometer system,Optical Radiation Safety Test System,SMT are some of the machines that we have to offer quality products.

The high quality of products and production line of Holux Lighting is backed up with original international certificate,such as TUV,CE,RoHS,ERP,SGS.UL.ETC,Energy Star.All products are tested,approved and authenticated by official associations and independent institutes.
The company’s products are also in compliance with strict international requirements.We have acquired all needed certificates for consumer safety,eletrical safety,high quality,energy efficiency,performance and green,environmental requirements.

Quality Components
The performance,reliability and longevity of LED system relies heavily on the quality of its components parts.Because APCQ LED Lighting is dedicated to bring the absolute best LED Lighting systems to our customer,we are not beholden to any one brand of components,and we never will be.
LED quality is also function of performance.After evaluating and building luminaires using LEDs from the other leading manufactures,there is no doubt that our products are absolutely reliables.

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