Recessed Slim LED Panel Light

For the Slim Panel light,we have the 3inch 5W,4inch 9W, 6inch 15W,8inch 18W 12inch 24W Recessed Slim LED Panel Light.Flat Led Panel Light/ Ultra Slim Downlight is designed with white-anodised Aluminium border for classic minimalist style and delivers soft and uniform lighting for comfortable viewing environment for use in general lighting applications. It also offers instant energy savings and a much longer lifetime, making it a real value-for-money and environmentally friendly solution.
As a high-grade indoor lighting fixture, APCQ LED panel light possesses both long lifespan and convenience. Adopting high lumen led chip, aluminum PCB, pure aluminum lamp frame and high efficiency constant current LED power source, due to our unique design, it has good light sensitivity, high lumen efficiency and provides soft and comfortable lighting.
LED panel light is produced by the light-emitting diodes as a light source the production of a new commercial lighting products, its service life up to 30,000 hours or more, the size is the same to traditional fluorescent light lamp panel specifications, can be installed directly on the ceiling, It’s safety regulations and electromagnetic compatibility. installation is simple and convenient.

3inch 5W Round LED Recessed Slim Panel light

3" 5W Round LED Recessed Slim Panel light with Junction Box

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