1x4ft LED Panel Light DLC Standard Version

General Details
The feature of 1x4ft LED Panel Light DLC Standard Version:
1) Size: 300x300mm / 1x1ft
300x600mm / 1x2ft
300x1200mm / 1x4ft
600x600mm / 2x2ft
600x1200mm / 2x4ft
2) Design and use of the protection angle mirror coating technology to achieve the effect of anti-glare, ensures the panel led can effectively reduce the harm to the workers’ eyes, avoid the sense of uncomfortable and tired.
3) The structural design of the panel led multiple anti-vibration and high-strength alloy housing, ensure the lamp safety and long-term work in the roadbed, bridges, tunnels, and high frequency vibration environment.
4) Special surface coating and sealing of the panel led ensure the lamps worked normally in the humid, high temperature and other harsh environment,
5) High luminous efficiency, long-life gas discharge light source,
6) The power factor of the panel led is more than 0.95, a high luminous efficiency, good light transmission, as long as 50, 000 hours lifespan.
7) Block-style, ceiling and wall-mounted installation, etc., ensures the panel led can angle up and down in accordance with environmental needs in a wide range within 180 adjustment.
8) Energy-saving & Super bright , saving 75% energy compared with traditional panel lights
9) DLC standard&Premium, UL/cUL approved.
10) 347V voltage input panels available for Canadian market.

led panel PMMA diffuser:
1) Seamless connection structure, Unique own design model , Ultra thickness < 11 mm.
2) Driver protected by junction box , Fixed on back of panel , More safe & stabl e.
3) Four corner protected by electroplating PC cover , avoid sharp corner to hurt body .
4) The output lead wires crewed by connector , easy wiring & installation.
5) Stable driver with UL /cUL , brand LED with LM80 report , 5 years warrant y .
6) Approved by DLC UL / cUL ( #E 466848) FCC ROHS

Item Power Lumens (lm) SMD2835  LED Qty Size(mm) Ouput Voltage Current (mA)
APCQ22DUA-25WB 25W 2600/3200±5%   180 603*603*10.6    36-48VDC 800mA
APCQ22DUA-40WB 40W 4000/5000±5%   252 603*603*10.6 1050mA
APCQ14DUA-40WB 40W 4000/5000±5%   288 1213*301*10.6 1050mA
APCQ24DUA-50WB 50W 5000/6300±5%   336 1213*601*10.6 1150mA
APCQ24DUA-60WB 60W 6000/7500±5%   384 1213*603*10.6 1550mA
APCQ24DUA-72WB 72W 7200/9000±5%   420 1213*603*10.6 1550mA
The installation of 1x4ft LED Panel Light DLC Standard Version:
connection mode of 1x4ft LED Panel Light DLC Standard Version installation guide of 1x4ft LED Panel Light DLC Standard Version
The Application of 1x4ft LED Panel Light DLC Standard Version:
1.Living room, bedroom, kitchen, washroom.
2.Conference, meeting room, show room, showcase.
3.School, university, hospital, hotel.
4.Supermarket, department store, etc.
Warning and caution:
1) Don’t use in completely enclosed fixture and damp area .
2) Used as safety or emergency lamps are not recommended .
The Package of  1x4ft LED Panel Light DLC Standard Version:

Size(Ft) 2X2 1X4 2X4
Power Consumption(W) 25 40 50 40 40 50 60 72
Lumen Outout(LM) 2625±5% 4200±5% 525±5%0 4200±5% 4200±5% 5250±5% 6300±5% 4560±5%
Light Efficacy(LM/W) 105±5%
CCT(K) 3045±175K 3465±245K 4503±243K 5028±283K
Color Rendering Index
AC Input Rating(Vac) AC100-277V 50/60Hz
PF ≥0.90
Part No. Package dimension N.W. G.W.
2×2 68*25*68cm, 4pcs/carton 3.6kg /PC 18.6kg /CTN
1×4 129*25*38cm, 4pcs/carton 3.7kg /PC 18.7kg/CTN
2×4 129*25*68cm, 4pcs/master carton 7.1kg /PC 34.5kg/CTN

20GP container load Max. 996pcs 2*2ft, 1*4ft LED panels when 40HQship 2200pcs.
20GP container load Max. 512pcs 2*4ft LED panels when 40HQ ship 1204pcs.
package of 1x4ft LED Panel Light DLC Standard Version