January 12, 2017

LED Recessed Slim Panel Light application and CCT

Mainly suitable for home decoration lighting,commercial lighting,such as:Office,Business,Living Room and meeting room. led recessed slim panel light application and cct

Custom different colors
Usually Red(640nM-750nM),Yellow(550nM-600nM),Orange(600nM-640nM),Blue(450nM-480nM),Green(480nM-550nM),Purple(400nM-450nM)and different color for you choose.
We offer lamps in warm, natural, pure and cool white with colour temperatures measured in Kelvin (K). The lower the colour temperature is, the warmer the light given by the LED:
Warm white = 2700K-3200K
Natural white = 4000K-4500K
Pure white = 5000K-5500K
Cool white = 6000K-6500K
correlated color temperature
correlated color temperature cct

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