January 19, 2017

Install the recessed slim panel light with junction box.

install the recessed slim panel light with junction box

1.Turn power OFF from the electric panel prior to installation.
2.Determine the location for installation and cut ceiling hole in accordance with cut-hole dimensions.
Refer to Hole Diameter table for appropriate size.(Fig.1)
3.Open the junction box cover and remove the appropriate knockout(s) on the side panel.(Fig.2)
4.Insert the electrical supply cable through the knockout and secure with a cable connector(sold separately).
5.Using quick-connect push-in terminals,connect the ground wire to the green wire terminal;black wire to black wire terminal;whie wire to whiet wire terminal.(Fig.2)
6.Place all wiring and coonections back in to the box and close the cover.Connect the driver to the light panel.
7.Insert junction box through the mounting hole.(Fig.3)

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